Property Maintenance & Regular Upkeep

Our services and maintenance plans bring peace of mind to homeowners who have invested in their outdoor living areas and choose to maintain it for years to come.

How it Works:

Give us a call and we will schedule a visit to assess and discuss your personalized maintenance needs. We’ll discuss your specific wants and needs for the property, and recommend how often your property will need and benefit from the services. Every home is different and each property will have individualized issues and circumstances to a brand new yard install if not properly maintained.

We will set up a customer portal:
-Customer service schedules
-Customer services to be executed by McTighe Landscaping
-Customer communication hub (if you would like us to look at something else in your yard while we are there- leave us a note through your portal).
-Automatic invoicing and payments

Our Maintenance Services

– Did McTighe Landscaping install your yard? Are you hosting a graduation event, a wedding, a bar mitzvah, a birthday party or simply hosting a holiday party and want your yard looking like new again? If the answers are yes, give us a call and we can create a customized task list to get your yard ready for your family celebration.

-Irrigation system checks
-Irrigation emitter relocation – As the plant’s rootball grows, it’s recommended that you pull back the emitters at least once a year to make sure the root ball is receiving water adequately.
-Irrigation replacement parts, new installs, disassembling of old systems.
-Resetting of water schedules based on seasonal changes (EARLY FALL/SPRING)

-Bulb replacements
-Lens cleaning
-Additional light installations

-Reapplication of mulch is recommended up to twice a year. This will help trap moisture assuring your plants will have access to water during the hottest of months. This also adds visual appeal to your yard. New gravel can also be applied to freshen up the yard if you are looking for low maintenance and little to no water needs.

Maintain a clean and dust-free yard with our pressure washing service twice a year. Overtime debris, dust, stains, and other items cause unwanted visual appeal and potential damage to your hardscape surfaces- with our pressure washing service this can be avoided.

Remove grates from channel drains, remove debris and hose w/ pressure to wash out the channel drain, reinstall the metal grates and ensure that the drains are functioning correctly. Check downspouts and remove any blockages.

-This is exactly what it sounds like. – When your weekly gardener comes to mow and blow, they typically do a great job of cleaning up. However, over time, tree droppings, dust, and mulch gets blown around and gets trapped in corners of your yard, in your gutters, and in places typically not maintained by a weekly gardener. Our service makes sure that your yard and home are ready for the season ahead. This is an all-inclusive clean-up- meaning after our consultation to identify your every need on the outside of your home a custom quote will be presented and our trained staff will prepare your yard for the seasons ahead.
This can include:
-Gutter cleaning, solar panel cleaning, Chanel drain cleanouts, tree trimming, and plant trimming in addition to our previously mentioned services above.

An average cost per service can vary from $400.00 and up. Number of visits and services provided are all based on your requests and a contractual agreement, the schedules are created for the year in advance.

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